Dataiku and Tableau share a vision for the future where people across the enterprise - no matter their role - can easily use data to share insights. Centralized, controlled, and governable, Dataiku facilitates and accelerates data access, data processing, and the design and deployment of machine learning models in production. To complete the picture and bring this data to life, Tableau provides the ability to surface and see insights at the speed of thought. Together, Dataiku and Tableau power the complete data lifecycle: from raw data to insights to sharing data stories across the business.



Dataiku & Tableau Overview

Learn more about the Dataiku and Tableau partnership.

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Solution Brief

Learn how Dataiku and Tableau work together to power the complete data lifecycle.


Tableau Hyper Export

This plugin enables seamless interaction between Hyper— Tableau's in-memory data engine— and DSS datasets. It also provides the capability to upload datasets to Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud.

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