E-Nor: 360° Customer Views for Data-Driven Marketing

Tableau: Would you tell us about how you use Tableau at E-Nor?
Feras Alhlou, Co-Founder & Principal Consultant, E-Nor: The thing I love the most about my job is to enable our clients to navigate through this ocean of data that we have today. Using Tableau allows us and allows our clients to expedite that data to decision path.

Tableau: How much data do you analyze for your customers?
Feras: You don't have to be a Fortune 100 today to be overwhelmed with data. we have clients that have half a billion hits a month of worth of Web data. That's a lot of data. And so we slice it and dice it easily in Tableau.

Tableau: Wow that is a lot. How did you handle it before Tableau?
Feras: So before using Tableau, we would have to extract the data, say, out of Google Analytics into — into CSV file and to Excel, massage it, trend it, it takes — maybe a report could take up to two hours. It could take—we could save about 75 percent of that time with Tableau.

Tableau: Are there other benefits to using Tableau?

Avec Tableau, je peux intégrer mes données mobiles, mes données Google Analytics, mes données issues des réseaux sociaux, mes données Salesforce et CRM, et ainsi tout savoir sur un client ou un prospect en particulier.

Feras: With Tableau, I can pull in my mobile data, I can pull in my Google Analytics data. I can pull in my social data. I can pull in my Salesforce and CRM data and see that 360° view of that prospect and the customer.

This is very, very actionable.

Google Analytics leads by channel

When you can stitch in data from the CRM, from Salesforce and report on qualified leads—that's really key. As a demand generation marketer, then I can report on where my qualified leads are coming from.

Tableau: Are there other ways that you are helping your customers make more data-driven marketing choices?
Feras: We take our customers’ data and we slice it and dice it easily in Tableau. And then we can report —say at a geography level. You can then add more context to the data.

Google Analytics traffic by channel

Feras: For example, we can overlay the population, let's say in California, and see the percentage of the population that — maybe who are converting at a much higher rate in a specific city, and then maybe target them with a specific promotion.

With websites where you have, you know, millions and millions of hits, it's really hard to report on in CSV or in Excel. So Tableau allows us to pull this data in and segment it by geography.