Map Projections and the Internet

Kessler F.C., Battersby S.E., Finn M.P., Clarke K.C. (2017) Map Projections and the Internet. In: Lapaine M., Usery E. (eds) Choosing a Map Projection. Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography. Springer

The field of map projections can be described as mathematical, static, and challenging. However, this description is evolving in concert with the development of the Internet. The Internet has enabled new outlets for software applications, learning, and interaction with and about map projections. This chapter examines specific ways in which the Internet has moved map projections from a relatively obscure paper-based setting to a more engaging and accessible online environment. After a brief overview of map projections, this chapter discusses four perspectives on how map projections have been integrated into the Internet. First, map projections and their role in web maps and mapping services is examined. Second, an overview of online atlases and the map projections chosen for their maps is presented. Third, new programming languages and code libraries that enable map projections to be included in mapping applications are reviewed. Fourth, the Internet has facilitated map projection education and research especially with the map reader’s comprehension and understanding of complex topics like map projection distortion is discussed.


Fritz C. Kessler, Michael P. Finn, Keith C. Clarke

Créateur(s) Tableau

Sarah Battersby