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Visualize This: How visualization best practices ensure success

About the speakers


Michael Warling

Strategic Customer Success Manager, Tableau

Michael Warling comes to Tableau from an extensive tenure as a customer where he developed a modern analytics platform from the ground up. He spent time in several data related professions including IT, governance, project management and development as well as leading a Center of Enablement for the larger organization. He brings the customer perspective to the team, understanding the nuances and complexities that come with growth and change.


Sarah Nell-Rodriquez

Principal High Touch Success Manager, Tableau

Sarah Nell-Rodriquez is a globally recognized industry expert in software education and Data Literacy. Sarah brings her deep knowledge of technical education to Customer Success to help companies build a successful data culture.

Sarah is passionate about education and the difference it can make in people’s lives. As one of the original pioneers of the Data Literacy movement, she frequently speaks on how to implement education programs and the need for Data Literacy skills today.

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