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Using Analytics to Identify & Manage Patient Care Gaps

As healthcare organizations understand the saying, “do more with less” being applied to financial and resource challenges. However, all too often the focus of healthcare seems to be only on making do with less. Join RSM Director for Healthcare Analytics - Jamie McGlothlin - as he shares his experience working with providers over the last 10 years to improve patient outcomes, manage clinical quality, improve patient safety, and drive operational efficiencies. This session will provide insight on how health systems and providers can:

- Clearly identify patients in need of care and determine those care needs.
- Develop a prioritized outreach plan to engage patients and close the care gap.
- Leveraging analytics to drive workflows and decision-making.

À propos des intervenants

Barry Chaiken, MD

Clinical Lead

Jamie McGlothlin

Health Care National Analytics Lead - RSM

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