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Talk Data to Me Webinar Series: Advanced Analytics with Tableau (APAC)

Tableau has long been known for its flexible front end and intuitive visual interface. But today, data scientists are increasingly taking advantage of Tableau’s powerful tools for advanced analytics and predictive modeling. Leveraging Tableau’s intuitive interface, you can complete sophisticated analytics projects in a fraction of the time. This webinar will cover topics:

  • Segmentation & Cohort Analysis.
  • Sophisticated Calculations.
  • What-If scenarios.
  • Predictive analytics.
  • use of R integration to handle nuanced statistical needs.

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À propos de l'intervenant


Vaidy Krishnan

Tableau Software

Vaidy Krishnan is Product Marketing Manager for Tableau Asia Pacific, based out of Singapore. In his role, Vaidy creates compelling content to help people consider new ways of seeing and understanding their data, through various marketing channels. Most recently, Vaidy was Analytics Manager at GE’s Oil & Gas business in Boston, where he was responsible for the oversight and application of commercial analytics projects. Prior to GE, he was a management consultant, helping drive performance improvement at some of the world’s largest healthcare companies.

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