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The Tableau journey of an Accounting Professor: From newbie to IronViz Champion in less than a year

In less than a year, Prof. Dr. Klaus Schulte, Professor of Accounting and Vice Dean at Münster School of Business, went from Tableau newbie to European IronViz Champion.

Think you don't have time to learn Tableau? Tune into this webinar to find out how Klaus developed his Tableau skills at speed.

Watch this webinar to find out:

  • How did Klaus begin his Tableau journey?
  • How is Klaus using Tableau in the classroom, and what are his students producing with Tableau?
  • How did Klaus develop his own Tableau skills so quickly, and how did he win the European IronViz Competition?

À propos de l'intervenant


Prof. Dr. Klaus Schulte

Klaus is a professor of Management Accounting and the Vice Dean at Münster School of Business. He also runs his own consultancy, and blogs at vizjockey.com.

He initially downloaded Tableau in November 2016, when Thierry Driver from the Tableau Academic Team did a workshop at Münster School of Business. However, he only started using the product in July 2017 when he contributed to #makeovermonday for the first time. This was also when he opened a Tableau Public and Twitter account and started getting more involved in the community. Since then he has been a regular contributor to #makeovermonday, #vizforsocialgood and #sportsvizsunday to improve his Tableau skills. He has been a Tableau Public Featured Author and at this year’s Tableau Conference Europe in London he won the IronViz European Championship!

He loves spending time with his wife and two daughters, he reads a lot and he's interested in sports of all kinds.

Check out his Tableau Public profile and follow him on Twitter.

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