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"Marie Kondo" of Tableau - Declutter & Bring Your Insights Across

An effective dashboard delivers insights without overwhelming its audience with too much information. However, we often hear from our fellow analysts: "There is so much to show, but so little space!". As such, many dashboards end up packed to the brim with no space left. If a data visualization does not spark interest or provide insights, how can we improve it? How can we declutter our dashboard to make better use of the screen real estate?

Join this session to learn tips & tricks on:

  • The flow of decluttering and rearrangement in visualisations
  • Ways to double up your dashboard space
  • Using different dashboard elements to provide supplementary information without overloading your dashboard

This session is ideal for Tableau users who wish to hone their dashboarding skills. We also welcome those of you who are new to Tableau but are keen to learn about the best practices of visual analytics, and ways to make an impact with dashboards - without the clutter of course!


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