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Introduction to Governance

What is governance and why should you care? This is an introductory webinar for all audiences that will answer those questions and provide a framework for developing or improving your governance strategy. Learn more about how Tableau goes beyond being just a "tool" in our Tableau: More than Just a License series.

À propos de l'intervenant

Catherine Skinner

Catherine Skinner

Associate Strategic Customer Success Manager, Tableau

Catherine Skinner is a Senior Customer Success Manager in Washington, DC. She started on the Tableau Sales team in 2015 and joined the Customer Success organization in 2019. She now supports our largest State & Local and Education customers in the East. She helps users get the most value out of their investment in Tableau by using the Tableau Blueprint. She is passionate about Data and Content governance and creating Tableau Community. Her favorite new feature in Tableau version 2020.3 is Grant License on Sign-in.

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