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Healthcare Analytics at the University of Michigan Health System – a Cinderellesque story

In the era of Population Health Management, healthcare analytics is often characterized by challenges around aggregating and managing data and the lack of resources needed for decision making on time and under budget.

In sharp contrast, the saga of the Fast Analytics Team at the University of Michigan Health System is the classic “Cinderella” story. The team is a five-year experiment in a near-ideal environment, and was recently told by leadership that the slipper fits. They had a compelling vision, executive sponsorship, a talented and motivated team, as well as a modest but adequate budget. While the initial strategy and goals were to improve reporting and analytics, they discovered that the tools and processes they created were perfect for operational process improvement through automation.

In this webinar, hear about:

  • Factors that contributed to the success of the Fast Analytics Team
  • Obstacles and arrows involved in working “outside” a main IT arena
  • Analytics solutions to foster a data driven culture of continuous improvement
  • How the same tools can be leveraged to support operational process improvement, reporting, and analytics
  • How their Cinderellesque story can be leveraged to deliver measurable results

The Fast Analytics Initiative has eliminated thousands of hours of “spreadsheet wrangling” and busy work, vastly improved reporting / analytic decision making thru delivery of actionable insights, and has measurably enhanced cost savings across the institution.

Learn more about our Achieving Operational Excellence in Healthcare webinar series.

About the speakers


Jonathan Greenberg

Director, Fast Analytics program, University of Michigan Health System

Jonathan Greenberg is the Director of the Fast Analytics program for the University of Michigan Health System. He’s fascinated by anything involving technology and healthcare. With a mission to improve healthcare and lower costs through the innovative use of technology, he became the visionary behind the University of Michigan Health System’s first embedded analytics program. He’s spent the bulk of his career and 20 years at the UMHS improving the effectiveness and use of technology. He also co-founded Chockstone, Inc. in 2002.

Strategic technical innovation and operational improvements are his core focus. With a degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Health Service Administration, both from the University of Michigan, you might notice he’s partial to the colors Maize and Blue. Jonathan is a real estate developer, professional musician, farmer, inventor, woodworker and father of 3 extremely energetic kids. He lives in Ann Arbor Michigan on his farm with his wife, kids and a few animals. Professionally, he considers his most impressive accomplishment being voted a top 10 speaker at the 2014 Tableau Conference.


Andy Dé

Directeur des solutions pour la santé et les sciences de la vie, Tableau Software

Andy Dé est directeur senior pour le secteur de la santé et des sciences de la vie chez Tableau Software. Dans le cadre de ses fonctions, il dirige l'innovation, la vision, la mise sur le marché, l'écosystème de partenaires et la stratégie de commercialisation. Il gère également la planification et la réalisation des solutions Tableau destinées aux prestataires de santé, aux organismes payeurs, à l'industrie pharmaceutique et aux appareils médicaux. Il possède plus de 20 ans d'expérience en stratégie d'innovation logicielle, en gestion de portefeuille et en stratégie de commercialisation. Il a également occupé des postes de direction et acquis une expérience en matière de planification et d'exécution chez GE Healthcare, SAP Health-Sciences et i2.

Il s'investit avec passion dans l'innovation et tient un blog, ainsi qu'un compte Twitter (@HITstrategy) sur le thème de la santé. Il est suivi par des lecteurs basés dans plus de 47 pays, et cité par la Harvard Medical School, l'Ohio State University (OSU), l'organisation Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS), Partners Healthcare, Healthcare Informatics et le Washington Post. Dernièrement, Health Data Management (HDM) l'a classé sur Twitter en 2016 parmi les 55 meilleurs spécialistes IT et leaders d'opinion du domaine de la santé. Pour en savoir plus sur sa carrière, rendez-vous sur www.andyde.com.

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