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Build VS. Buy - Embedding Visual Analytics with Homecare Homebase & Starlims

Are you looking to embed analytics and reporting into your application, but find yourself asking the question of build vs. buy? The decision can be daunting.

If you’re considering going down the buy path you’ll want to watch this webinar. You’ll hear from two software companies, Homecare Homebase and Starlims who made the decision to embed business intelligence analytics into their products.

Learn what factors to consider including:

  • Technology fit
  • Culture of the company
  • Flexibility and partner fit
  • Development time and costs

You’ll also hear from Tableau Software how to leverage a market leader in visual analytics to give your product a competitive advantage.

Powered by Tableau: Embedding Analytics Webinar Series
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À propos des intervenants

Tom Maxwell

Chief Strategy Officer, Homecare Homebase

Shooki Grasiani

Sr. Manager of Global Marketing and Product Development, STARLIMS Corporation

Russell Christopher

Sales Consultant Manager - Southeast Asia, Tableau

Paul Greenspan

Global Director, Tableau
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