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Designing for Performance

Got billions of rows of data? Concerned about dashboard performance? Learn how to design for Guided Analysis and how to implement a Hot-Warm-Cold tiered data architecture so you can achieve blistering performance over any amount of data on any platform. See and understand two simple principles at work in real time over billions of rows of data.

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À propos de l'intervenant

Jason Oakes

Senior Sales Consultant, Tableau

Jason is a Sales Consultant with more years under his belt in the IT industry than he cares to admit. He was part of the small team that established and developed Business Objects in the Asia Pacific region during the 1990’s, and is now part of the team at Tableau that helps customers realise the greatest possible value from their investment in Tableau. Jason has helped some of Tableau’s largest customers in the ANZ region to build out their BI Centres of Excellence.

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