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Beyond Tableau Reader: 5 Things You’re Not Doing with Your Analytics

Ready to take the next step on your data journey?

Your subscription to Tableau Reader makes it easy to gain valuable insights through viewing data, yet nearly impossible to ask questions of your data. It's time to go beyond Reader and enable your organization to dive deeper into data!

Join us to learn how to use Tableau Reader effectively, then see what happens when you pair your two greatest assets – your people and your data - with Tableau’s modern analytics capabilities to get more from your data in real time.

About the speaker


France Leung

Senior Product Consultant

Frances is a Customer Consultant at Tableau and works with a diverse group of customers across industries. Prior to joining Tableau, she herself was a customer and fell in love with using the product. She now works with a team of passionate, driven and skilled consultants to provide solutions and support to organizations across Singapore and Hong Kong.

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