Introducing learning paths: Sharpen your skills with new role-based learning

Data has proven to be a catalyst for change. But the reality is, it takes training and skills to be able to harness the potential of your data. Building a Data Culture and fostering data proficiency across all levels of the business is no small task. To help you be successful in this journey, we introduced Tableau Blueprint earlier this year. Paired with rich Tableau Learning options, we’re giving you a variety of tools to boost the data skills across your organization.

This November, we launched role-based learning at Tableau Conference as part of Tableau eLearning. Consisting of 12 specialized learning paths aligned to Tableau roles across the organization, each role is designed to accelerate the proficiency of your people quickly and effectively.

Role-based learning has been the #1 most-requested eLearning feature from our customers. Our learning paths provide you with a comprehensive training resource of self-paced, guided curriculum to quickly onboard and expand your learning with Tableau—faster than ever before.

Explore new courses for every role

We’ve doubled our course content, with new courses designed with specific roles in mind to help you build the skills you need to be successful.

From Getting Started with Tableau Desktop to Dashboard Design: Visual Best Practices and Data Science in Tableau, our courses cover the full spectrum of training for Tableau.

Assess your data skills

Each learning path includes a skills assessment designed to measure your technical knowledge and identify strengths, as well as areas that may require more of your attention. Assessments help you evaluate where you are in your learning path and give you confidence in your skills. When you successfully pass your assessment, you’ll earn a Role Badge.

Not sure what learning path is right for you? Take our learning path finder quiz.

Earn role badges to show off your skills

Role badges reward you for your learning achievements and provide a way to show off your Tableau skills. Showcase your badges within your organization in your email signature or post on social media. Be among the first to test your skills and earn a role badge.

Some of the many badges you can earn are:

  • Consumer: You use data to make more informed decisions in your business.
  • Author: You leverage foundational Tableau skills to dig into available data sources to create dashboards, mostly for your own consumption.
  • Designer: You create beautiful, functional, impactful visualizations to help stakeholders absorb information quickly.
  • Analyst: You are responsible for supporting your organization’s lines of business to deliver valuable insights from data.
  • Data Scientist: You are an expert at deriving valuable insights for large and varied data sets.
  • Developer: You are responsible for supporting your organization's lines of business to deliver valuable insights from data.

This is just a sample of all of the badges. Learn more about all of the role badges and learning paths and get started with eLearning today!

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