Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab democratizes analysis across 345 retail branches, 13 call centers, and 1,200 financial consultants

Rene Kim, Senior Vice President, Digital Services, at Charles Schwab delivered a keynote address with Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky at Tableau Conference 2018.

Charles Schwab is one of the largest, publicly-traded financial services company in the United States. The company uses Tableau to answer important questions and achieve a democratized, data-driven culture across the enterprise. This includes the data science team, product marketing, corporate marketing teams, and senior leadership. Schwab leverages Tableau in 13 call centers and 345 retail branches nationwide to monitor client activity and satisfaction as they uncover opportunities that improve the client experience, customer service, and overall business results.

Investor Services represents about half of Schwab’s total client assets (as of December 2018) and it is critical to understand product popularity, competitor solutions, and sales performance to determine opportunities for improvement and guarantee the best client outcomes. With a consolidated Tableau dashboard, MySales Branch Analytics Reporting, Schwab puts the right data, at the right time, and with necessary detail, in the hands of its 1,200 financial consultants who use the solution daily, plus branch managers, regional, and Investor Services leadership.

Watch Rene’s keynote address to learn how Schwab delivers on its core values of trust, innovation, teamwork, and stewardship by answering questions and making decisions with analytics in Tableau. For more information about Charles Schwab’s enterprise Tableau deployment, read the full case study.

We went from inaccurate reports to a single data source, a single Tableau solution that allows people to go deep or provide high level information. It's been an incredible way to help us achieve our goals at Schwab.