Group Reporting Starter Kit

Get started with secure, self-service group reporting

For nearly all companies, healthcare and employee benefits rank in the top three expenses. Group reporting on plan utilization, trends, costs and performance is a standard offering that payers and their customers depend on to stay informed, monitor trends, and control costs. This Starter Kit is designed to give payers a proven template to rapidly customize and deploy group reporting to one or all of their customer segments.

As part of the Payer Group Reporting Starter Kit you will find:

  • The Tableau workbook pre-populated with de-identified fictional demo enrollment, medical claims, prescription claims and dental claims data ready for your customization
  • The Starter Guide to help you set up and deploy the workbook on Tableau Server or Tableau Online
  • The Data Dictionary to assist in your data gathering and integration
  • An Excel-based example dataset as a guideline for your specific data integration

For a full walkthrough, check out the on-demand webinar, Level up and save time with the Group Reporting Stater Kit.