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Market Opportunities and Outliers: Find a Competitive Edge in Financial Services

How do you find a competitive edge to win in financial services?

By finding an angle before your competitors do.

Identifying opportunities and outliers is the lifeblood of the financial services industry. But spotting these so you can act on them faster than anyone else is tough. There’s a wealth of data available, but netting it out so you can find opportunities and outliers can be difficult, time consuming, or impossible.

This whitepaper offers tips and perspectives about how you can convert your information into insight, leading to the opportunities and outliers you need to serve your clients’ needs.

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Winning with insight:

3 tips to spot market trends you can’t afford to miss

The world of equities, bonds, funds and portfolio management is full of opportunities to make your mark. But the environment is anything but static. What separates you from that bit of insight to differentiate your offering – your expertise, is often a matter of how quickly you can spot something significant.

Three tips stand out as ways you can close the gap between you and the insight you require.

1. Empower yourself.

You’ve got a hunch, but peeling back the data layers to investigate trends and spot “aha” moments can be hard – or take forever.

Take control of the situation by using self-service, intuitive data analysis tools that let you quickly analyze and visualize data. If you’re waiting for someone to do this for you, chances are your competitor will beat you to the punch.

2. Interact with your data.

Once you start seeing the trends and outliers you suspected were there, it’s not going to be enough. Confirmation that your idea has substance will raise more questions that become paramount to fully understand the opportunity at hand. So ask the questions. And get answers – immediately.

By using the right analytical application, you will be equipped to see the information
you’re investigating and query it further. Drill into data until you’re satisfied that you’ve seen what the data has to reveal. Combine graphs to get a new perspective. Blend related data to provide context that you’d otherwise lack. Do it all in minutes. With insight in hand, you’ll be the one getting the first swing.

3. Collaborate with your team.

Your idea will become more impactful when you and your colleagues push hard against it. Use an analytics application that lets you ask – and answer – questions in real-time, harnessing the power of a lot of smart people in a room to take an idea from good to great.

Equip yourself with the tools you need to do your own analysis, getting the answers you need along the way to fully understand the opportunity you’ve identified. Setting yourself apart relies on more than a good hunch.

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