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How to Lie with Statistics

Knowing the weaknesses in human perception allows you to amplify your results, making them seem more authoritative whilst removing alternative interpretations. Understanding the discrepancies in the data around us is growing increasingly important, as we move to a world run by algorithms.

We all love data but sometimes it may be a little too painful for our liking. All you need is a little help. In this session we will

  • Uncover how data and visualizations are misused
  • How you can act like a lie detector and act fast

Will you use your new found knowledge for good or evil?

This webinar is part of the Talk Data to Me Series.

À propos de l'intervenant


Zac Moran

Product Consultant

Zac has recently joined Tableau as a Product Consultant in the Pre-Sales team in Sydney. He studies Computer Science part-time, with a focus on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. He's been a coding teacher in Australia and the UK, and an iOS app developer. Before joining Tableau, Zac worked on software development and technical support for a small CRM Partner company.

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