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It's Hip to be Square: Analyzing Cube Data

OLAP or Tableau? Why not both?

Tableau is ideal for visualizing data from different sources, including OLAP Cubes such as SQL Server Analysis Services, Oracle Essbase, and SAP BW, to name a few. While cubes pre-aggregate the data for each intersection of dimension members, Tableau works best with granular data. So what’s the best approach?

In this session, we will cover some scenarios where cubes and Tableau are a great combination and see how you can create hierarchies, business rules, sets, and more.

We’ll also explore some Tableau tips and tricks for working with cubes as well as some newer features.

This is part of the Talk Data to Me Series.

À propos de l'intervenant


Marina Tranet

Solution Engineer, Tableau

Marina Tranet is a Solution Engineer for Tableau ANZ. Marina has more than 5 years international experience in FP&A, primarily in the retail industry. Prior to joining Tableau, Marina was a Sales Analyst in a large FMCG company. She started her career in France in audit and cost control and has most recently been immersed in Information Systems deployment and coordination.

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