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Behind the Viz: Meet the Data Rock Stars Who Built the Team USA Dashboards

Tableau’s very own solution engineers partnered with our cross functional team to bring to life ten amazing visualizations in celebration of Team USA at the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. From historical to new data  ━ each viz works to solve a challenge and turn the data into a compelling story.
Starting with discovery calls and moving to analyzing and sorting the data ━ our team learned a ton about each sport, and ultimately how data can drive new insights and inform strategic decision-making.
Join us as we walk you through the process and methodology behind several of the vizzes ━ from the influence of weather on the ski jump, an event that triggered a surge in hockey participation, to figure skating’s technical evolution ━ and see how they provide even the ‘casual fan’ with an opportunity to explore and dive in!

Don't miss our Sports, Women & Data Panel on March 10th! Our panel of power-women will share stories and tips/tricks centered around pursuing goals & dreams, health & wellness, and leveraging data.  



About the speakers


Taha Ebrahimi

Director, Tableau Public

Taha Ebrahimi began her career as a journalist at The Seattle Times in 2003 before moving on to spend 15 years in strategic communications for the risk management industry, joining Tableau in August 2018. She is the Director of Tableau Public and first fell in love with Tableau as a customer when she attended an event three years ago.

Mark Bradbourne

Mark Bradbourne

National Solutions Engineer, Tableau 

Mark Bradbourne has spent 25 years working in Analytics across a variety of industries including companies like Harley-Davidson Motor Company and Sherwin-Williams. Now working for Tableau as a Solution Engineer he is helping customers to see and understand their data. He is a former Tableau Ambassador and former co-leader of the Cleveland Tableau User Group (both surrendered when he joined Tableau). He has published over 290 visualizations to his Tableau Public profile, and is a huge believer in the Tableau Community for raising your skill level.


Christian Felix

Lead Solutions Engineer, Tableau

Christian Felix is a Lead Solutions Engineer with the Life Sciences team at Tableau. Prior to working at Tableau he worked at Roche Diagnostics where he developed tableau data visualizations that helped the company see and understand their on-market product performance. He is a former Tableau Ambassador and winner of the 2020 Tableau Iron Viz competition.


Ryan Lanigan

Solutions Engineer, Tableau

Ryan has worked as a Solutions Engineer at Tableau over the past 4 years with the most recently focusing on Communications, Media & Entertainment, and High Technology. An avid data enthusiast, he is fascinated with all data use cases throughout his life, from organizing his budget and tracking maintenance on his car to monitoring the health of his plants and documenting runs. While this Olympics Viz Team has been the most high profile project, he is actively supporting his brother in biometrics analytics as this sibling trains to compete in Iron Man triathlon races.


Allie Micka

Associate Solution Engineer, Tableau

Allie joined Tableau as a solution engineer in February 2020. For the past two years, she has helped our commercial customers across the US and Canada see and understand their data. She has been an avid sports fan her entire life, and pursued a degree in sport management before jumping into a career in technology. She has enjoyed being a part of the Olympic Viz Team and having the opportunity to combine the world of analytics with her love for sports.


Duncan Wingfield

Solutions Engineer

Duncan Wingfield is a Solutions Engineer from Tableau based out of Washington D.C. He received his M.S. in Business Analytics from William & Mary and soon after joined Tableau, where he's been for the past 2.5 years. He's passionate about data, sports analytics, and how Tableau brings the two together.

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