From data to ta-da! Communicating your insights

Do you understand the language of data, and possess the know-how to effectively communicate your insights to others?

The ability to derive meaningful information from data is called data literacy. Data literacy combined with data analytics empowers you to quickly spot trends, patterns, and outliers to efficiently optimize decisions by rooting them in data.

Watch one or more webinars in this series to sharpen your data literacy, analysis, and communication skills.


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Using data visualization to make better decisions—faster
Tableau Zen Master and best-selling author Steve Wexler shares insights on how to get your organization to "get" data visualization.
59 min
Breaking down 17 key traits of data literacy
Best-selling author Ben Jones challenges you to think beyond the specific data analysis tools you're learning or have mastered, and instead, consider 17 key traits of understanding data.
Inspiring change with data visualization
Steve Wexler shows you real-world examples, free of esoteric chart types, that people employed to change the way their organizations did business, and how you can too.