Grassroots Data Analysis Drives School Principal Leadership

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Learn how one school is using visual data to efficiently track progress and prioritize resources. </p>
Pete Misner is a principal in the Northshore School District in Bothell, Washington. He is also a passionate believer in using data to improve educational outcomes.

Misner’s elementary school has enrolled nearly 800 students; all of these children are regularly assessed through standardized tests including those focused on reading. His school conducts reading assessments throughout the school year. But with so many students in his school, it was difficult and time-consuming to understand each individual’s needs and strengths.

“I've been into data for quite some time even as a teacher,” says Misner. “Throughout my whole career, I’ve been really passionate about using data to inform instruction. But I’ve been frustrated along the way — like everybody is — with the massive amounts of data that we have to digest and how long it could take.”

Misner was determined to find a data visualization tool to help him with his analysis. Since implementing Tableau, Misner has seen improvements in several areas including:
  • Improved class assignments
  • Insight to challenge assumptions
  • More effective allocation of resources
In addition to his “day job” as an elementary school principal, Misner is a Teaching Associate at the Danforth Educational Leadership program where he teaches aspiring principals how to use data to improve decision-making. Danforth is part of the University of Washington College of Education, ranked in the top ten for leadership and administration by U.S. News and World Report in 2014. Read the full story now

Using assessment data to track progress and prioritize resources is not new. What is new is how efficient and effective it is with Tableau. It takes everything to a much higher level.

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