Webinar Series

Talk Data to Me

Tips & tricks to boost your analytical superpowers

At Tableau, we are focused on one thing - to help you see and understand your data better. To do so, we have handpicked a list of topics framed with the aim of answering deep seated business questions with Tableau Prep and Desktop. Expand and improve your analytical skills with these specially curated sessions. Be the superhero of your organisation today! This is a webinar series is for beginner to intermediate Tableau Users.


Title ความยาว
Dirty (Data) Talks
Tired of endless dirty (data) talks? Data can be generated, captured, and stored in a dizzying variety of structures, but when it comes to analysis, not all data formats are created equal...
45 min
Call in the Spatial Forces
Who (what) are these Spatial Forces, really? Location data is everywhere and when analyzing location data, you often need to handle data that falls inside a given boundary. In this webinar...
41 min
Calculated Moves with Tableau
Wondering when to use a calculated field, and LOD expression, or a table calculation? This session is for you. Come sleuth the right answers, and learn the principles behind applying specific...
33 min
Say No to Monkey Business: Surveys in Tableau
Are you struggling to make sense of your survey data? Understanding the steps to prepare survey data for analysis is key to be able to then easily analyze that data. In this webinar we will...
64 min
It's Hip to be Square: Analyzing Cube Data
OLAP or Tableau? Why not both? Tableau is ideal for visualizing data from different sources, including OLAP Cubes such as SQL Server Analysis Services, Oracle Essbase, and SAP BW, to name a...
34 min
How to Lie with Statistics
Knowing the weaknesses in human perception allows you to amplify your results, making them seem more authoritative whilst removing alternative interpretations. Understanding the discrepancies in...
26 min
New Ways to Visualise Time
Showing time is more than just making a trendline. This webinar will show you multiple ways you can find new insights in your time-based data. Not only that, the bigger lesson is that in...
59 min
Superpower Dashboards
Let's face it. Everyone dislikes waiting. Whenever you see that spinning ball of death that appears on your web browsers or applications, it IS frustrating. And truth is, it's the same with...
43 min