Whitepaper - Best Practices for Row Level Security with Entitlements Tables

As modern analytics brings data access to more users for informed decision-making, striking the balance between control and agility is critical. In a self-service environment, the role of data governance should be to permit access to data, enabling users to get the answers they need while ensuring data security is enforced.

Tableau provides you the flexibility to build upon your existing data security implementations. IT administrators can implement security within the database with database authentication, within Tableau Server, or a hybrid approach of both. Customers often favor the hybrid approach for its flexibility to handle different kinds of use cases.

Row Level Security (RLS) in Tableau refers to restricting the rows of data a certain user can see in a given workbook or data source at the time they view the data. This allows you to better control what data users see in a published view based on their Tableau Server login account. Using this technique, a regional manager is able to view data for her region but not the data for the other regional managers. With these data security approaches, you can publish a single view or dashboard in a way that provides secure, personalized data and analysis to a wide range of users on Tableau Server.

Read this whitepaper to learn about implementing Row Level Security in Tableau, including best practices with entitlements tables, and how to utilize built-in Row Level Security in different data source systems.