A prescription for better pharmaceutical data analysis

Before we used to create a new dashboard or a new report in two, three weeks. And now it's an average of two, three days.

Tableau: Can you describe your experience working with Tableau?
Yoann Leny, Business Intelligence Manager: I’ve been using Tableau software for four years now. You don't need a PhD. It's easy to use. Everybody says that, but it's really true. You can download it and create your first dashboard after ten minutes. It's incredible.

Tableau: What does Intellipharm do?
Yoann: It's a provider of report analysis in the pharmaceutical industry. So we answer business needs like retail or manufacturing and we provide data on demand.

We have a lot of data. We extract data from over 4,000 pharmacies across Australia. So we need to consolidate, to take all this huge volume of data, and represent, display this data in a proper tool.

Tableau: How did you end up with Tableau?
Yoann: So Tableau was the best tool—agile BI platform. It was a collaborative platform. And we embed this tool in our business solution platform.

So it allows us to develop, to catch an opportunity on the market, because before we used to create a new report, new data on-demand after two, three weeks. And now with Tableau and a new architecture, we can create a report in a few days. It can take two, three days to create a new dashboard, and it's really, really powerful.

Tableau: What kinds of data are you using?
Yoann: We are using data blending from Tableau to link external data sources—like an Excel file from a supplier—to our retail data, in order to have more impact in the dashboards.

For example, last week we created a new powerful report about dead stock in retail, and we created a new interactive dashboard for this industry.

Tableau: And are you seeing time savings?
Yoann: Before, we used to create a new dashboard or a new report in two, three weeks. And now it's an average of two, three days to create a new dashboard. It's much quicker. Today we have around ten, twenty clients who are using this new platform based on Tableau software.