Computerworld: Emmile Brack helps deliver analytics to educators

"We've accomplished a lot with Tableau, but there are areas where we want to use Tableau more in order to achieve that big goal around saving teammates time. We've rolled out reports and dashboards that have greatly improved efficiency around analysis and allowed our teachers and principals to spend more time on the insight and planning pieces."

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Aspire Public Schools manage 34 public charter schools throughout California, and its goal is to get all graduating seniors accepted into four-year colleges. In this article, Aspire's IT department lead, Emmile Brack, discusses how Tableau has brought time savings and increased insight to the nonprofit organization. "The main reason for wanting to deploy analytics software was to save time for our teachers, principals and other teammates. We did a needs assessment and gathered that quite a bit of time was being spent by teammates crunching numbers or gathering data to see how students were performing. That was extremely time-consuming and did not leave a lot of time to gather insights from that data analysis or to develop a plan of action to fix the issues," Brack tells Computerworld's Mary Pratt. With Tableau, Brack and her team have rolled our reports and dashboards to improve efficiency and win back their teammates time.

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