The BI Survey 13: The Customer Verdict

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The Business Analytics Research Council (BARC) results from the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence end-users ranks Tableau as #1 of all 30 participating vendors in Business Benefits, Business Achievement, and Agility.

BARC, Germany’s leading IT analyst firm produced the BI Survey 13 from over 3,000 business intelligence users from around the world. The BI Survey 13 examines BI product selection and usage among users in areas including business benefits, product recommendation, business achievement, cloud BI, collaboration, mobile BI, self-service and agility. BARC groups vendors in specialized peer groups based on end user usage and product similarities.

Tableau was top-ranked in 19 categories in three separate peer group comparisons, including an unprecedented 10 top-rankings in the “Visual Analysis & Data Discovery” peer group alone.

BARC analysts report that “Tableau is one of the market leaders in data visualization and agile data exploration. Both small and larger companies find Tableau offers one of the best solutions in these areas.”

The BARC BI Survey report includes:

  • Tableau overview
  • Tableau performance comparisons with 30 vendors
  • Tableau featured in 3 peer groups of specialized vendors
  • Analyst survey observations and comments

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