Advancing Gender Equality


Delivering clean water and good sanitation infrastructure to children living in poverty worldwide.

Millions of kids live without access to clean water. Splash is using data to bring that number down to zero.

Partnership start date: 2017

Total funding committed: $1,253,220

Region: Asia and Africa


What they do Splash is bringing safe water, hygiene and menstrual health education, and sanitation services to over 480,000 children living in urban poverty across Asia and Africa. They know this isn't something they can accomplish alone, so Splash works with governments and local partners like schools and orphanages on sanitation projects that communities can independently and locally maintain. This approach enables Splash to set big goals, like reaching over one million children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Kolkata, India by 2023. What our partnership does Splash’s success depends on access to up-to-date and reliable information about the water quality in communities around the world. Tableau Foundation works with Splash to incorporate data analytics and visualization into the work they do, from managing internal logistics and planning efforts to identifying areas of greatest need.