Hospital Revenue Cycle: Successful Strategies to Boost the Bottom Line


The revenue cycle has many nooks and crannies, each with its own vulnerabilities. Unseen errors plague the process, from patient registration to claim submission. Too often they can spring leaks, leading to revenue losses, wasted resources, and costly payment delays.

In this eBook from FierceHealthFinance, they examine three critical areas of the revenue cycle from front to back. Healthcare executives on the payer and provider side discuss their strategies regarding front-end processes for patient access, eligibility verification, and admitting. We also look at industry best practices for clinical documentation, charge capture, and coding/transcription. And finally, we reveal strategies for back-end processes, such as billing and patient accounting and patient collections – and how it all affect hospitals’ and health systems’ reimbursement and quality care.

Table of Contents:

  • Centralized Pre-Registration Equals Costs Savings
  • Optimizing the Front End Streamlines Entire Revenue Cycle
  • Quality-Based Reimbursements Put Pressure on Documentation
  • Easy Updated Documentation Key to Reimbursement
  • Propensity to Pay Offers Versatile Revenue Cycle Solutions
  • 5 Tips for Increasing Self-Pay Patient Collections

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