4 Tips to Leverage Existing Assets

Driving innovation in the pharmaceutical business

Innovation – and success – in the pharmaceutical industry has historically relied upon breakthroughs in the lab. But the landscape for pharmaceutical companies is shifting. With blockbuster drugs facing the end of patent protection and consumers who are evolving how they buy, pharmaceutical companies need to find new, faster ways to innovate throughout the company in order to maintain or assert leadership.

Data and people are critical assets pharmaceutical companies already have that will fuel the next wave of innovation. The hurdle will be equipping individuals to effectively dig into the mountains of data available in order to identify opportunities on all fronts – not just in the lab. Marketing, sales, operations, finance and IT will all need to find ways to have breakthroughs of their own to drive success.

This paper explains why providing an agile business intelligence solution, optimized for workers throughout an organization – not just dedicated analysts – is a critical step to realizing the full potential of your data and people assets.

Specifically, it describes the need for a solution that supports:

  • Self-service data exploration
  • Interacting directly with data
  • Mixing & matching sources
  • Sharing analysis for collaboration