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Generate value with analytics

Thanks to modern business intelligence, organizations are inching closer and closer to understanding the value of data-driven decision making across all departments and roles. When everyone in an organization embraces business intelligence and visual analytics, data becomes a critical enterprise asset. But modern analytics platforms aren't created equally, nor do they help people get to insight in the same way. What's your approach to evaluating analytics? It's critical to consider more than the price—or you might not get the impact you need to drive change.

This webinar series will tackle all the big questions you're asking yourself about your analytics investments. Are you getting what you pay for? Is your BI strategy generating value? What are you risking by not using Tableau?

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Looking beyond the license cost: A model for measuring Tableau’s ROI
The Total Economic Impact of Tableau Modern Analytics platforms have transformed how organizations and individuals interact with data. But the increased importance of bringing data to...
52 min
Dropbox: Enabling a culture of data-driven decisions
Dropbox empowers teams to securely organize their content, tune out distractions, and collaborate within their enterprise. But when it came to their internal data and analysis, they lacked a...
28 min