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Embracing the modern BI evolution

Modern data problems can’t be solved with a traditional approach

How will your legacy business intelligence system meet your future demands? That question weighs on IT professionals at all stages of BI maturity. Analysts are predicting an inflection point in 2020 when the modern BI market will be larger than traditional BI. Are you ready?

Visual-based data discovery is on the rise, but what you might not realize is that you really can have it all. You do not have to sacrifice governance, scalability or automation with a modern approach. And with an analytics platform like Tableau, you can empower more people in your organization with data.

This 5-part webcast series will examine the top considerations you should have when moving to modern BI.

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Evaluating a modern BI platform
Satisfying the self-service needs of the business while maintaining governance may seem like an either/or choice. Fortunately, with most modern analytics platforms, it’s not. Today, it’s possible...
51 min
Implementing a governance framework
When exploring self-service analytics at enterprise scale, governance is likely one of your top considerations. Can you offer the agility the business demands without opening up a “wild, wild west...
45 min
Managing data with confidence
Organizations need a governance framework to ensure confidence in the data its employees use to make business decisions. A modern analytics platform grants the ability for organizations to more...
26 min
Deployment flexibility with Tableau
You need an enterprise BI platform that will leverage your existing investments and grow alongside your changing needs for future success. Data environments, analytics strategies, and business...
22 min
Rolling out Tableau across your enterprise
Selecting software the business wants does not ensure success. Driving digital transformation or changing enterprise-wide decision-making with modern analytics requires much more than just the...
50 min