Jethro allows customers to accelerate Tableau to deliver speed-of-thought analytics while live connected to big data. Jethro is able to deliver such high level of service by computing user queries in real time from indexes, cubes and query cashes that are automatically maintained and kept current by background services. This is in addition to Jethro's seamless integration with Tableau to provide ease of adoption for the entire enterprise. The result is thousands of concurrent users across different departments slicing and dicing billions of rows of up-to-the-minute data, delivering key business insights like never seen before.

Live Queries on Big Data

Jethro delivers interactive Tableau on big data at Hadoop scale and costs. Seamless integration with Tableau means no manual data engineering or changes to your underlying big data or Hadoop data lake. Tableau dashboards respond at interactive speeds on big data queries with live connections.

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Data without limits

Jethro, Tableau and Data Realty

Data Realty’s mission is to harness the power of data and use it to fuel the economic engine of growing companies, communities and people. Get an exclusive look into how Data Realty leverages Jethro and Tableau to deliver healthcare insights to users at the speed of thought.

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Interactive Business Intelligence on Big Data

To keep up with demand for a surge in analyzing large amounts of business data, IT departments are migrating towards cost effective Big Data platforms like Hadoop. While these solutions are cost saving, it dramatically sacrifices performance and user concurrency. In comes Jethro, that provides sub-second response times to complicated queries executed over billion rows of data. Customers enjoy business critical BI at the scale, scope, and speed of their business.

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