ChangeCatcher: Increasing Inter-author Awareness for Visualization Development

Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. EuroVis 2018)

We introduce an approach for explicitly revealing changes between versions of a visualization workbook to support version comparison tasks. Visualization authors may need to understand version changes for a variety of reasons, analogous to document editing. An author who has been away for a while may need to catch up on the changes made by their co-author, or a person responsible for formatting compliance may need to check formatting changes that occurred since the last time they reviewed the work. We introduce ChangeCatcher, a prototype tool to help people find and understand changes in a visualization workbook, specifically, a Tableau workbook. Our design is based on interviews we conducted with experts to investigate user needs and practices around version comparison. ChangeCatcher provides an overview of changes across six categories, and employs a multi-level details-on-demand approach to progressively reveal details. Our qualitative study showed that ChangeCatcher’s methods for explicitly revealing and categorizing version changes were helpful in version comparison tasks.


Mona Loorak, Sheelagh Carpendale

Créateur(s) Tableau

Melanie Tory