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Nationwide Insurance: Using Data to Increase IT Efficiency

Tableau is familiar to IT departments who partner with their business counterparts to access data and discover new insights. But did you know that an increasing number of IT teams are also using Tableau to gain insights about their own organization?

Learn how Nationwide is leveraging self-service visual analytics with modern BI to drive their IT decisions. They have saved over 800 hours in the last year as they continue to see better metrics leading to better decisions.

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Jason Harmer

Consultant, IT Process Management at Nationwide

Jason Harmer is passionate about data visualization, dashboard design, and creating action through data-driven decision making. Jason joined Nationwide in 2007 and in his current role as IT Portfolio Coordinator, he helped transition his business unit to Tableau desktop and server. As a Tableau Desktop Certified Professional, he currently leads a Nationwide User Group for the Des Moines campus, and helps co-lead the Des Moines Tableau User Group open to all in the central Iowa area. He joined the DAMA Iowa board in 2016, and recently started his second year in Iowa State's Masters of Business Analytics program.

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