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Interactive Data Visualization: The Age of "Look But Don't Touch" Is Over

Static data visualization had its time in the sun. Now, Aberdeen Group's research demonstrates the superior business performance of organizations that have taken their visuals to the next level. Interactive data visualization supports exploratory thinking, as decision makers can actively investigate intriguing findings.

According to Aberdeen's 2014 Business Analytics survey, adopters of interactive visualization achieve faster decision making, greater data access, and stronger user engagement, in addition to desirable results in several other metrics. In the face of these quantifiable advantages, the age of "look but don't touch" visualization can be confidently laid to rest.

Key findings include:

  • 70% of interactive visualization adopters improved collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • 64% of interactive visualization adopters improved user trust in underlying data.
  • Interactive visualization users engage data more frequently.
  • Interactive visualizes are 150% more likely than static visualizers to be satisfied with ease-of-use of analytical tools.

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