We are witnessing the birth of the second industrial revolution. This revolution is being fueled by the factories of the future - data factories.

The early data factories are here already - Google, Facebook, Zynga, ComScore. And a lot more are coming with the explosion in sensors, data and networks. This second industrial revolution will be bigger, faster and more disruptive than the first one, because data as a core asset can help solve problems that could not be solved before.

This revolution is being powered by a massive democratization in technology that not only enables the access to data to a plethora of new companies but also the ability to store, mine, clean, analyze, and produce a range of data products that can help many industries shatter the status quo.

Attend this webcast and learn how to:

  • Identify if data is a core asset for your business
  • Better manage this core asset
  • Identify business problems you can (finally) think of addressing
  • Leverage the technology and tools to help you deliver on the promise
  • Recognize and use the key forces shaping the future
  • Identify what no one is thinking about but should be

Attend this event to learn how you can be a part of this revolution, benefit from it and drive some game changing innovations...and who knows, maybe even launch the next big business idea!

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Abhishek Mehta

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