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Uncovering The Power Of Analytics In Your Call Centers

Today’s energy sector — from oil and gas to utilities and renewables — is rapidly transforming. Evolving business models have resulted in a hyper-focus on stakeholders across the value chain. To get ahead, utility companies need to meet the needs of suppliers, customers, communities, and employees with an agile, end-to-end platform that enables rapid innovation across your entire business.

Join us as we walk through various examples of how call center analytics has helped surface insights, close cases faster, prioritize users’ days, and overall drive efficiency for customers in the Energy and Utilities space.

Topics covered:

  • Common pain points + customer solutions
  • “Out of the box” offerings
  • Custom-built customer success stories

Help your managers and agents make more informed decisions with Service Cloud Analytics. Gain visibility with prebuilt dashboards, and see case volumes, worker activity, data visualizations, and more.

À propos de l'intervenant

Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith

Lead Solutions Engineer, TCRM Specialist

* Working in the Salesforce ecosystem since 2013
* Salesforce Architect for various consulting companies implementing Salesforce 2013 - 2017
* Einstein Analytics Architect for consulting companies implementing EA (now TableauCRM) 2017 - 2019
* Lead Solution Engineer for Salesforce specializing in TableauCRM 2019-Present
* Managed numerous customer and internal training and enablement sessions around Tableau CRM throughout the past 4 years

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