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The New Design Canvas in Tableau 10

Ready to see something beautiful? We’ve given the Tableau 10 interface an artisanal makeover by revamping its iconography, typography, and colours. The new clean and beautiful canvas will make it even easier for you to create stunning visualisations that clearly tell the story of your data.

Join our session to find out how you can add the artistic touch to your visualisations in Tableau 10. Discover all you need to know about…

  • Workbook Formatting - with one click you can change the font style of your entire workbook.
  • New Default Settings - the new workbook defaults include changes to font style, font size, line weight, line colour, and legend background colour.
  • Web Authoring - add published data sources and authoring dashboards right in the browser.
  • Device Designer - with Tableau 10 you can design, customize, and publish a single dashboard with optimized views for tablets and phones..

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Rachel Bowes

Product Consultant
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