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Self-Service Marketing Analytics at Strava: Small Team, Big Results

At Strava, whose mission is to connect athletes with what motivates them, data is critical to understanding and supporting their customers. To help grow and retain their athletes, Strava’s marketers rely on data from multiple sources to understand campaign and channel performance. Though mighty, Strava’s analytics team always had more questions than they had bandwidth to answer. To help solve this problem, the analytics team invested in self-service analytics that empowered marketers to answer their own questions.

In this webinar, hear from Danning Chen, Analytics Manager at Strava, on how Tableau and Snowflake enable Strava to:

  • Centralize data and standardize dashboards, allowing for all parts of the business to see and trust performance metrics - especially those around customer growth and retention
  • Connect and aggregate all marketing data sources, allowing a granular look into how marketing campaigns perform
  • Reduce single points of failure from technology or people, due to reduced siloing

This is a part of the webinar series: Prep. Analyze. Insight. Repeat. The steps of a modern marketer.

À propos de l'intervenant


Danning Chen

Analytics Manager, Strava

Danning Chen, Analytics Manager of Strava, oversees the analytics function for Growth and Marketing of the company. She's experienced at building analytical foundations in product/marketing experimentation, modeling, exploratory analysis and reporting that helped the marketers make better data-driven decisions.

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