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Role-based NLG makes everyone a data expert

Executives, financial advisors, account managers—all different positions with different goals. Your company may collect and use the same internal data, but that doesn’t mean everyone should rely on the same analysis. What good are insights if they don't speak directly to your role and tell you what course of action to take?

With the spread of natural language generation (NLG), the power of a personalized and contextual data story is greater than ever before. Thanks to role-based natural language generation, it is becoming easier to give individuals granular and prescriptive insight, without a manual analyst workload.

In this webinar, we’ll cover how analysts now have the ability to augment their Tableau visualizations to provide a variety of individuals with unique and relevant written analytics. Learn to make better and faster decisions with role-based NLG and empower those across the business to make decisions with a personalized, data expert at their side.

About the speakers


John Hegele

Director of Integrations, Automated Insights

John Hegele leads the Integrations Team at Automated Insights. He is responsible for integrating Automated Insights' Wordsmith natural language generation (NLG) platform with tools and products ranging from Business Intelligence software and spreadsheets, to the Amazon Alexa API. John has been at Automated Insights since 2015 and started as a senior member of the Data Science group. Prior to joining Automated Insights, John spent 10 years working in Quantitative Finance at two large investment banks.


Andrea Gossett

BI Sales Engineer, Automated Insights

Andrea Gossett is a BI Sales Engineer at Automated Insights. She focuses on building Tableau and Wordsmith integrations. Prior to joining Automated Insights, Andrea worked as a data scientist providing business analytics for a startup. She also has a PhD in bioinformatics and spent several years helping researchers effectively communicate their research findings to a wide audience.

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