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How Data Is Supporting Student Health and Well-being at University of Alabama

This session will cover the critical work at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa is doing to improve the mental health and well-being of their students. Chapman Greer and Timothy Salazar will discuss how they created a wellness model to track several metrics for a holistic picture of student wellbeing. Attendees will also hear how they developed a framework once COVID-19 hit to track and respond to student concerns and connect them with the right support and resources needed.

This session is from the Higher Education Summit.

À propos des intervenants


Dr. Chapman Greer

Clinical Instructor of Management and the 2018-2021 Faculty Senate Vice President, University of Alabama

Chapman Greer is a clinical instructor of Management and the 2018-2021 Faculty Senate Vice President. Dr. Greer is a co-chair of the General Education Taskforce, charged with leading a campus-wide review of The University of Alabama’s general education experiences and to develop a comprehensive plan for general education that connects the learning goals of the major, the work of Student Life, and a curriculum that further supports the development of curious learners, critical and creative thinkers, and informed and engaged citizens. Dr. Greer received both her MLIS in Library and Information Sciences and her PhD in English from The University of Alabama. Her current research focuses on application-based educational practices in project management, data visualization, and privacy calculus in digital communications. Dr. Greer also serves on the Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Subcommittee, where she served as co-chair for two years.


Dr. Timothy Salazar

Director of Analytics and Policy in the Division of Student Affairs at The University of Alabama

Dr. Timothy Salazar is the Director of Analytics and Policy in the Division of Student Affairs at The University of Alabama. In his role, he acts as a consultant for all departments throughout the Division of Student Affairs seeking to use data to improve efficiency and effectiveness. His interests lie in big data and how data can improve the student experience with an emphasis on how programs impact underrepresented groups. He has 15 years of experience in analyzing programs and policy to seek improvement in key performance measures. Prior to coming to The University of Alabama he worked in the Department of Student Life Studies at Texas A&M University and for the Utah State Legislative Auditor General’s Office. He has presented his research and findings at numerous national and regional conferences