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Dirty (Data) Talks

Tired of endless dirty (data) talks?

Data can be generated, captured, and stored in a dizzying variety of structures, but when it comes to analysis, not all data formats are created equal. The speed and efficiency of your data prep process directly impacts the time it takes to discover insights. Understanding the scope of data you’re analyzing and seeing the changes you make to the data can accelerate the entire process.

In this webinar we will discuss the following:

  • Challenges we face with dirty data
  • How Tableau keeps you clean and organised
  • Schedule a refresh routine to have clean data whenever

Get rid of dirty talk, find out how you can cleanse your data today!

This webinar is part of the Talk Data to Me Series.

À propos de l'intervenant


Amelia Xu

Senior Product Consultant

Amelia is a Senior Product Consultant in the APAC Product Consulting team. At Tableau, she is the key contact point to communicate the features, capabilities and benefits of Tableau products.
Upon Tableau Prep released in April 2018, she has been focusing to engage with Tableau users and drive adoption towards the new way of data preparation.

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