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COVID-19 Analysis for Financial Services

Along with many other industries, Financial Services and Insurance have already seen the severe impact of this global pandemic. Liquidity, Volatility, and Risk are top of mind for our customers. Many of our customers are leveraging Tableau to help answer questions and gain critical business insights.

Watch this webinar, where our Tableau experts walks you through an example of a framework that you could leverage on to effectively use data to assess your business risk and plan for your business continuity.

See demo of Tableau Dashboard with Web Data Connectors that help you get COVID19 information. Gain valuable insights to questions like:

  • What is the impact of an outbreak within the company?
  • What’s the exposure of my portfolio in COVID affected districts?
  • Where is my greatest credit exposure based on my high-risk segment?
  • What is the spread & exposure at customer level?
  • How can I use insights to take preventive actions?

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