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Analyzing Shopify Data with Lovelytics + Tableau

Shopify has simplified and automated the eCommerce process for thousands of retail and eCommerce organizations. At least 20 percent of the world’s eCommerce companies use the online shopping platform today.

However, many organizations struggle to access the data in a timely and accurate manner. Join UNTUCKit and Lovelytics to hear how the UNTUCKit used Snowflake and Tableau to efficiently and accurately analyze their Shopify data and make critical business decisions. Learn how Lockie Andrews, CIO and CDO of UNTUCKit, and her team created a data-driven culture that resulted in all employees, from the CEO to the retail team to the merchandisers, having access to pre-built Tableau dashboards and governed data sources for ad-hoc analysis.

À propos des intervenants


Scott Love

CEO and Founder - Lovelytics

Scott Love is the CEO and Founder of Lovelytics, a Tableau and data services organization headquartered in Arlington, VA. Scott and his team at Lovelytics work hand-in-hand with organizations to develop data strategies focused on deriving better insights and telling better stories from data. Scott and his team worked with UNTUCKit during their digital transformation to provide strategic guidance and technical support.


Lockie Andrews


Lockie is the Chief Information Officer and Chief Digital Officer (CIO and CDO) of UNTUCKit and is currently leading the digital native brand’s omni-channel and enterprise-wide digital transformation efforts (i.e. leveraging technology to enhance marketing, stores, ecommerce, and operations).

Lockie is also the founder of Catalyst Consulting, a boutique advisory firm specializing in “all things digital” for consumer and next-generation technology companies. With 20+ years of general management experience, Lockie has assisted high growth companies (e.g. Nike, Lane Bryant, ANINE BING and various start-ups) in diverse areas such as strategy, innovation, technology, digital marketing, revenue enhancement and operational improvement.

Lockie received her MBA from Harvard Business School and BS from Georgetown University. Lockie is also the fashion sector lead of the HBS Alumni Angels of NYC and co-VP of Programming at the HBS Club of New York.

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