Leading the Way: Advanced Learning Path

Advanced Learning Path

Expand your Tableau skills with advanced concepts to take you to the next level. In this series, you’ll get hands on with advanced chart types, building techniques and calculations for creating innovative analyses and dashboards. This is part of the Leading the Way Guided eLearning series.

In this series, you will:

  • Dive into complex LODs and table calculations with Tableau's leading experts
  • Gain the skills to answer some of your hardest business questions in Tableau
  • Get your questions answered by Tableau Jedis

Advanced Series Recordings

*Free eLearning no longer available

June 4, 2020: Intro to Advanced eLearning: Turning the Tables with Advanced Calculations and Set Actions
June 11, 2020: Leveling Up with Advanced LOD Calculations
June 18, 2020: Introduction to Time Analysis
June 25, 2020: Map This!
July 1, 2020: Dashboard Makeover