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In the fight for justice and equity, data is a critical tool

Ending inequalities, biases, violence, and disenfranchisement; requires seeing where they are present.

Equal Measures 2030: A Gender Index To track progress towards gender equality

The 2022 Sustainable Development Goals Gender Index from Equal Measures 2030 provides insights on overall progress towards gender equality for women and girls worldwide. The Index aims to drive decision-making for positive change for governments to achieve gender equality by 2030.


Feeding America: Telling the story of hunger in America through data

Feeding America is setting realistic, data-driven goals on how to eliminate food insecurity in the United States. Their new no-cost technology platform will provide real-time data and insights to the 15,000 front-line staff who are providing healthy, nourishing meals to 40M neighbors in their time of need.


Urban Institute: Guiding and advancing the ethical use of race and equity data

Driving fact-based policy solutions for equity and wellbeing in the US.

Learn more about Urban Institute

Learn more about Tableau's racial equity investments

Racial Justice Data Initiative

The RJDI is a $18 million, three-year commitment from Tableau to support the data infrastructure and capacity of organizations across the U.S. fighting anti-Black racism.

Community Equity Task Force

Tableau’s Community Equity Task Force is committed to ensuring that our platforms are inclusive and diverse spaces, where critical discussions around data for equity work can be elevated.

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The Data Equity Hub, hosted by Tableau, is a work in progress. Your feedback is welcome as the Hub continues to evolve. Visit the dedicated Tableau Community Forum to offer feedback, ask questions, and meet others interested in working with data for racial equity and justice.

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