Unlock your Salesforce data potential with Tableau

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Unlock your Salesforce data potential with Tableau - 30th March 

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At Tableau, our mission is simple but powerful—we help people see and understand data. As part of the Salesforce family, we offer the world’s leading analytics solution for all your data. Tableau can help you fully leverage your rich customer data by providing analytics for everyone in your organization.

Customers use Tableau to blend Salesforce data from across the Customer 360 platform, with your other business data for increased visibility and a deeper understanding of your customers. At Tableau, we've helped thousands of people and organisations transform how they use data to solve business problems—do you want to do the same?

Join us and our partner, The Information Lab Ireland, in our new Dublin office for an exclusive session for Salesforce customers to discover and unlock the power of their data with Tableau’s unique approach to visual analytics. We help everyone answer their own business questions with data. You'll learn how you can use data and Tableau to solve complex business challenges in minutes—without any technical skills needed.

Learn how Tableau can help you:

  • Transform your data into new insights in minutes using Tableau Accelerators
  • Reimagine how you solve business problems with data and share those insights with stakeholders across your org
  • Make your job easier with visual analytics everyone can use
  • Make better decisions faster based on data to maximise impact
  • Discover how to monetize your data and embed it into new solutions and offerings to add even more value to your business

À propos des intervenants


Senior Account Executive

Dónal is a Senior Account Executive who is responsible for the Irish market and has been at Tableau/Salesforce for over 4.5 years. Dónal is enthusiastic when it comes to helping organization get the most from Tableau, enabling them to become data driven and to can see and understand their data. He's also more than happy to tell you about how he uses Tableau to allow him to win Fantasy Rugby every Six Nations


Head of Data Strategy and Data Governance, The Information Lab Ireland

As Head of Data Strategy and Data Governance at The Information Lab, Joe is passionate about helping businesses develop data strategies tailored to their unique needs with the goal of allowing them to use data to drive business value in the most sustainable way. As part of his goal to educate others on the power of data, Joe is a regular speaker at international conferences and events.


The Information Lab, Ireland

James realised the power of data and its importance in decision-making during his studies in International Relations & Politics. James followed his passion for data by joining The Information Lab UK in 2019 before moving to The Information Lab Ireland in 2021.