Iron Viz Geospatial: We Have Our Winners!

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Wow, what an amazing first Iron Viz feeder series! With so many great entries, it was a tough to chose a winner, and the Twitter community sympathised with the tough job the judges had:

We also loved the number first-time Iron Viz entrants, and women we had entering!

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for: Here are our winners!

Crowd-Favorite: Timothy Vermeiren, A History of the World

The community loved how Timothy Vermeiren organised so much information (the history of the world!) into one viz.

Big Winner: Joshua Milligan, The Changing Shape of History: From Colonies to the United States

Joshua Milligan gives us a comprehensive history of the United States in a viz that design nods to historical documents. Josh will join us on stage at TC17 in Vegas for a chance at the title of Iron Viz champion!

Once again a huge congratulations to our two winners, and another round of applause to all the contestants for your amazing work. It's the community who really makes Tableau Public what it is, and we love seeing how much support the community gives to all the contestants. We have two more Iron Viz feeder contest to go - so, there are still two more chances to join us at TC17 for the ultimate viz glory!