When work flows, insights grow with Tableau for Slack

Put data at the center of every conversation and empower your teams with insights to make smarter business decisions. Learn how with the Tableau for Slack app.

Data has never been more important. It answers key questions that drive business growth. It helps organizations connect with customers and provide personalized experiences. It leads to smarter decisions grounded in both intuition and insights. And there’s a lot of it: According to IDC, more than 64 zettabytes (yes, zettabytes) of data were generated in 2020, and global data creation and replication will grow by 23% through 2025.

So how do we put that all-important data at the center of every conversation? It starts with getting data into the hands of everyone, everywhere—but that presents a challenge. 

It’s difficult to inject insights within the flow of business, especially with the rise of remote work and distributed teams. Context switching between apps—from Slack to Tableau to Salesforce and back again—to dig into data and find insights costs us time and productivity and hinders collaboration. Email communication is decentralized and too slow for the speed of business. 

That’s why we’re putting analytics into the flow of business. Meet Tableau for Slack, coming soon to a Slack workspace near you. Part of a suite of exciting new innovations that combine the power of Slack and Salesforce, the Tableau for Slack app makes data contextual, predictive, and actionable for anyone, anywhere. It won’t just change how you interact with your data—it will unlock the full value of data to you and your business. Together, Tableau and Slack broaden the reach of analytics across your organization and help everyone make data-driven decisions faster. 

With Tableau for Slack you can: 

  • Empower everyone with insights: Share important insights with everyone who matters. Bring more people to the conversation to collaborate, get it done faster, and celebrate successes.
  • Stay on top of your data: Set alerts to notify business users in Slack when key data changes occur or meet a specified threshold. 
  • Make smarter decisions, faster: Whether collaborating with a broader team or jumping into Tableau to dig deeper, Slack and Tableau help you get the right data, in the right place, at the right time, to the right people to take action in the flow of business.

Put data in the flow of work in Slack

The Tableau for Slack app will help everyone stay on top of their data by bringing important notifications directly via Slack. With this upcoming release you can get notifications for data-driven alerts, shared content, and comments you’re tagged in. 

Data-driven alerts
Set data-driven alerts for a specified data threshold. Let’s say you want to know when your teams meet 90% of your quarterly sales quota. When the threshold is triggered, you and your teammates can be notified directly in Slack so everyone can rally around closing those final deals to meet the quota.

Slack interface showing an Apps message from Tableau: “Current Quarter Quota has reached threshold. Alert triggered on the dashboard” paired with Sales Summary data visualization

Shared content
Sharing has never been easier with Slack and Tableau. Instead of sending emails with links to dashboards or key insights, you can now share directly via Slack and collaborate easily on analytics. Reviewing the sales pipeline with your team? Sharing performance metrics with stakeholders? Prepping a dashboard for a client or presentation? One click and it’s front and center in Slack. 

Slack interface showing an Apps message from Tableau: “@brooklynsimmons shared a dashboard with you. ‘Here’s the demo we’ll present to Acme in our executive touchpoint.’” paired with Acme Demo Dashboard visualization

@mention comments 
Analytics is a team sport, and Tableau gives you more ways than ever to collaborate on and discuss insights. Get notified directly in Slack when you’re @mentioned in a comment within a Tableau dashboard. From there, you can jump into the dashboard, or reach out to the commenter directly in Slack. Instead of breaking from the flow of business, seamlessly bring insights and stakeholders together in conversations and decisions. The end result? Easily accessible data for all—and better business outcomes. 

Slack interface showing an Apps message from Tableau: “@joshsagawa mentioned you in a comment. ‘@casey nunez great work! Let’s close out the quarter strong - let me know how I can support.’” paired with Sales Summary data dashboard

Coming soon to a Slack workspace near you ...

And we’re just getting started. More Tableau and Slack integrations will be unveiled in the coming months, including: 

Share content to channels
Collaborate better with data. Bring data into the conversations and connections already happening in Slack channels to make data-driven decisions together. 

Search and find insights and content
Easily search and find data and analytical answers right from within the flow of your work. Share these insights with others to drive efficiency, transparency, and shared understanding across all stakeholders.

Tableau CRM for Slack app pilot
With the upcoming Tableau CRM for Slack app, you and your team can:

  • Browse, search, view, and collaborate on Tableau CRM analytics items within Slack
  • Get Slack notifications when metrics meet specified thresholds 
  • Receive regular notifications for watchlist metrics and scheduled dashboard snapshots 
  • Run Einstein Discovery predictions on Salesforce reports to explore underlying patterns, identify insights, and surface them in Slack 

Reach out to your Salesforce account executive to join the Tableau CRM for Slack app pilot, part of the Salesforce winter 2022 release. 

Get ready for the Tableau for Slack app

Learn more about putting Tableau for Slack to work in your organization. This feature will be available in the upcoming release of Tableau Online 2021.3. Tableau Server users, upgrade your server to 2021.3 when available to integrate Tableau with Slack.

The fine print: When Tableau for Slack is available, your organization’s Tableau and Slack admins can set it up within the Slack Site Settings in the Integrations tab. Once the admins connect a Tableau site to a Slack workspace, no additional setup will be required by end users. Slack users will automatically be notified when supported notifications are triggered.